Special Mix Dry Fruits Gift Box

This special Mix Dry Fruits Gift Box set is packaged in a beautiful Box it is ready to serve out of the box! Perfect to bring to a party, shower, or as a hostess gift. The Gift Box has a resealable lid to keep the nuts fresh and delicious.

Dry fruits are in the Gift Boxes.

Pistachios with solt
Pumpkin Seeds
Black Kishmish

We say the best gifts are food gifts! Buying gifts for people who love food and drink is in theory an easy task but there are so many food gift Boxes available that the choice can be pretty daunting. We solve the problem by providing a highly nutritional dry fruit Box.

Dry fruits are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids making them highly beneficial for health. All health care providers recommend eating a hand full of mixed dry fruits daily. Dry fruits make an exciting snack to munch on. Give your friends and family a cozy hug this winter by sending a dry fruit box.

Dry Fruit Boxes are an excellent gift for any the beautiful vane Box will make a fantastic everlasting gift and is great for a wedding gift or a new home gift.

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